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01Selling Stamps2 Minutes
02Postal Services(Mail)2 Minutes
03Selling of Postal Order2 Minutes
04Postal Money Order4 Minutes
05Renewal of Vehicle License5 Minutes
06Renewal of Driving License5 Minutes
07Payment of Bills:
     - DST Prima,Astro,Electricity and Water
4 Minutes
08Payment of Rental Post Box/ Locked Bag2 Minutes
09Application for Rental Box/ Locked Bag5 Days
10Application for replacing Post Box’s Key5 Days
11Application for Change of Post Box’s Ownership3 Days
12Application for Replacement of Post Box’s / Locked Bag’s Card3 Days
                           NOTE :
                           'Days' refers to the working days excluding public holidays.
                           *Deliveries subject to delays due to current COVID-19 situation and preventive measures