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The 4th Asean – Japan Government Security Network Workshop, (6 -7 June 2012)










Yang Mulia Awang Haji Yahkup bin Haji Menudin, Chief Executive, AITI as Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Reiko Kondo, Counsellor for International Strategy, National Information Security Center, Japan as Chair to this workshop

Mr. Martin Khoo, Deputy Director, InfoComms Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, as Co-Chair to this workshop

My dear friend, Mr Kyn Anh Nguyen of the ASEAN Secretariat,

Distinguished Delegates from ASEAN Member Countries and Japan,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. First of all, I wish to thank the organisers for inviting me today.  Let me also extend a very warm welcome to all delegates of the 4th ASEAN - Japan Government Security Network Workshop.  Welcome, everyone!

2. We are living in a dynamic region. In ASEAN today, ICT industry employs more than 11.7 million people, contributing more than US$32 billion or more than 3% to ASEAN’s gross domestic product .  This vibrancy can go further.  With our close collaboration with Japan, being one of the key players in the global ICT industry, I am optimistic that we can drive the region further ahead towards mutual progress and development.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

3. How, you may ask, can I be that optimistic?  I would like to share with you my observations.  Firstly, this collaboration is in line with the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 (AIM 2015). AIM2015 was launched by the ASEAN Telecommunication and IT Ministers at their 10th Meeting in Kuala Lumpur some time in January 2011.  This document serves as a clear plan of action until 2015 to ensure that we achieve the intended objectives.  The vision of AIM2015 “Towards an Empowering and Transformational ICT: Creating an Inclusive, Vibrant and Integrated ASEAN” accurately captures the intent and essence of the Masterplan.  Through the six Strategic Thrusts, the AIM2015 highlights the significant potential of ICT across many sectors and even the various facets of our lives.

4. From the launch until now, much work has been done by the ASEAN Telecommunications Senior Officials Meeting (TELSOM) and their Joint Working Groups, to align the governance and working structure with the Strategic Thrusts of AIM 2015.  This also includes alignment of action plans and work programs between ASEAN and the dialogue partners.

5. The event today is a prime example of such alignment.  Under AIM2015, network security is highlighted as one of the key actions supporting the Strategic Thrust on Infrastructure Development.  Under the action plan to develop a common framework for information security, the sharing of best practices on the protection of data and information infrastructure across ASEAN is very much encouraged. 

6. At this point, the collaboration between ASEAN and Japan in continuing the ASEAN - Japan Government Security Network Workshop into its fourth workshop today is very much appreciated.  With the network and knowledge gained from the series of these annual workshops, I am sure the outcome has been very beneficial to ASEAN and Japan.

7. In addition, AIM2015 also calls for the establishment of the ASEAN Network Security Action Council (ANSAC) to promote Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) cooperation and sharing of expertise.  With the 1st ANSAC Meeting held yesterday, I am certain that the targets and deliverable of ANSAC will add more value to our joint efforts in network security.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

8. My second observation is on the nature and tenacity of cyber threats nowadays.  The issue of network security is very pertinent.  I am sure all of you would agree with me on this.   In recent years, cyber threats have become more apparent and vicious. In 2007, Estonia’s banking, media and government websites were bombarded with Distributed Denials of Services (DDOS) over a three-week period.  This has since been known as Web War I .   Losses have also become more significant. Cybercrime cost businesses US$1trillion in 2008 .   With the tenacity of the attacks and the magnitude of its impact, it is very important for us to keep track of such concerns.  The need to stay vigilant is becoming more evident. 

9. As such, I am very pleased with the content of the 4th ASEAN - Japan Government Security Network Workshop.  Important issues such as best practices for security operations, cloud computing and mobile security will be discussed in the Workshop.  I believe with sharing of knowledge during the workshop, best practices can be learnt and new networks can be forged to strengthen our defence against cyber threats.

10. My third observation is on international cooperation and coordination.   I am very glad to see that the Workshop is very much enhancing the importance of international cooperation and coordination.  Joint efforts on cyber exercise and awareness programs are key in addressing threats to network and information security.

11. Recent developments in cyber security threats would justify this need.  On 31st May 2012, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) called for greater international co-operation between governments and the ICT industry to tackle the global nature of today’s cybersecurity threats. Brunei Darussalam is not an exception. There have been recent incidents where a certain government ministry’s website had actually been violated by acts of cyber crimes and threats. As such the relevant authorities in Brunei Darussalam have come together to put in place immediate solutions and preventive measures to counter such irresponsible acts. Identifying solutions, however, would also mean a call for more intensive research and in particular, stronger collaboration with other international CERTS.

12. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the midst of a crucial point in research and international coordination.  The workshop is, indeed, very timely in strengthening our preparedness and international cooperation.  In fact, the issue of cyber security is expected to take centre stage at the upcoming ITU Telecom World in October 2012 in Dubai. 

13. With these recent happenings and developments, we have a challenging journey ahead of us. I am confident that with the established network and knowledge learnt from this Workshop, the implementation of well-coordinated and effective joint activities to combat the growing threats of cyber attacks will be possible.

14. With the commitment and expertise that are gathered here today, I am positive that our concerns and requirements will be adequately addressed. Lastly, but not least, I wish you all a successful workshop and I hope you will have an enjoyable stay in Brunei Darussalam. 

Thank you.




[1] ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015


[3] McAfee (2009), Broadband : A platform for Progress, A Report by the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. ITU and UNESCO, June 2011.

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