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Stamps can take your thought across the continents and relieve your tension.Stamps are unique and fascinating that they are pleasurable hobby to fill your free time. Stamps play important role and have values as they enriches one’s knowledge in education,history,culture,religion etc.

Types of stamps:

Definitive stamps are issued for Ordinary Postal use, Commemorative Stamps are issued to mark significant national or international events which are relevant to Brunei Darussalam. Thematic Stamps usually depict interesting subjects like nature, fauna, flora etc. These stamps of a particular issue.

Miniature sheets:

These are specially designed and printed sheets which contain a full set of the different stamps of a particular issue.

Stamps Packs:

These are neat little packs of stamps for local or international postage use.The stamps are enclosed in a small packet for convenient of carrying.

First day covers:

First day covers are attractively designed envelopes issued to complement a new stamp issue. Collectors can buy either blank First day covers or request for reconciled covers, which are affixed with the newly Issued stamps and cancelled with the First Day of issue date stamp.

Presentation Pack:

Presentation packs are specially designed folders containing the complete set of new stamp mounted on protective stripe. Background information on the stamp provided on the folders. These packs are available with the stamps uncancelled or cancelled with the first day of issue date stamp. Presentation packs are suitable as souvenirs of gifts.

Stamp Album:

A collector of all stamp issues of the year in an attractively designed album with interesting back or souveniurs corporate clients, relatives or friends.


Pictorial lightweight air letter sheets, Printed with on imprint of a postage stamp bearing the necessary airmail postage.These can be used for correspondence to all parts of the world.


Attractive pictorial cards with or without postage stamp imprint.

Postal Boxes:

Minipack = $2.00; Medipack = $3.00; Megapack=$4.00