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Air and Seal Mails consists of Letter Post and Parcel post items. Letters Post Items being subdivided into the categories of:


Anything having the character and current and personal correspondence and posted at the letter rate.

Postcards ::

Cards posted unenclosed that is to say without wrapper or envelope.

Printed Matters ::

Reproduction on paper,cardboard or other material commonly used in printing produced in several identical copies by means of a mechanical or photographic process involving the use of a block, stencil or negative.

Literature for the blind::

Letters bearing writing used by the blind posted unsealed and plates hearing the characters of writing used by the blind.


It is alight letters forms. No aerogramme shall be accepted in Brunei Darussalam for transmission unless it has been issued by Postmaster General. No enclosure whatsoever is permitted in any aerogramme. Parcel post items consist of Small Packet (Ordinary Parcel Items).Air and Sea Mails act as ordinary items, but they can be registered and insured items. Ordinary or Insured Air and Sea Mails are considered as recorded items and can be claimed due to loss or damage.