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Unaddressed mail is specially intended for companies or organizations to send their advertising or promotional materials through the postal system at low cost.


What can I send?

Leaflets, brochures, booklets, cards and catalogues. Each item should not exceed 100g in weight and may carry a formal salutation such as “Dear Owner” etc. Unaddressed mail can only be delivered within Brunei Darussalam.

Can I define my target?

Yes, according to postal codes. You can choose to send your materials to one or several or all postal codes. This makes it very effective and accurate. Aim your advertising or promotions specifically at the area you want. You don’t waste money scattering them all over the place.

How is the Unaddressed Mail delivered?

One item will be sent to each address in your specified postal area. Delivery will normally be completed within 1-2 weeks.

What is the benefit of this service?

Business companies no longer required to affix stamps and to write name and address on the catalogue, advertisement and brochures. We provide you the alternative!

What preparations are required before dispatching to the post offices?

Mail must be isolated or tied together at 50 or 100 pieces per box or per bind. Confirm the delivery areas. Inform us the name of countries or district where mails are to be distributed.

Send catalogues, advertisements, brochures to Postal Services Department vis the post offices as follows:

  1. Bandar Seri Begawan
  2. Gadong
  3. Seri Komplex
  4. Sengkurong
  5. Muara
  6. Lapangan Terbang
  7. Limau Manis
  8. Tutong
  9. Seria
  10. Kuala Belait
  11. MPC Berakas
  12. Bangar
  13. Salambigar

Charges Rate

Distribution areas



Housing areas and Business premises

0 - 50

15 cts

P.O. Box

0 - 50g

10 cts

Post Offices Counters

0 - 50g

5 cts


How to obtain this service?

Fill the application form and send to:

Premium Service Counter

MPC Building

Postal Services Department

Old Airport Road BB3510

Brunei Darussalam